Vegan Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream

Vegan chocolate coconut ice cream

Smooth, silky, sweet, chocolatey, decadent – that’s what you get with this amazing vegan chocolate coconut ice cream, and more!

I can’t believe I ever thought dairy-free ice cream was hard to make.

Or that it couldn’t taste as good (or even better) than the original stuff.

But this recipe has made me into a believer.

I know I said that I love, love, LOVE my decadent vegan coconut vanilla ice cream, but the addition of chocolate to it makes it utterly irresistible and incredibly satisfying at some very deep, primal level.


A scoop of vegan chocolate coconut ice cream

Rich, flavoursome, creamy scoops of chocolate goodness.

Oh yeah. This stuff gets my salivary glands flowing, and the superlatives.

And it goes so well with so many things. In my case, it’s usually more chocolate.

Like raw almond pulp chocolate fudge brownies.

Vegan chocolate coconut ice cream with fudge

Or raw chocolate bark, with buckwheat and sprouted quinoa for added goodness.

Vegan chocolate coconut ice cream with chocolate bark

Or raw chocolate sauce with fresh blueberries and caramelised pecans. O.M.G.

Fresh blueberries. Yummo! My mostest favouritest berry ever.

Especially the plump, happy, organic ones that come from Moondarra Blueberries in Gippsland. You can taste the love.

Vegan chocolate coconut ice cream with blueberries

Or you can go a little insane, like I did, and chuck it all in together to create what I call “sextuple chocolate insanity”.

Sextuple vegan chocolate coconut ice cream insanity

Six different ways with raw chocolate in one dish:

  1. Vegan coconut chocolate ice cream
  2. Raw almond pulp fudge brownie
  3. Raw chocolate bark with buckwheat and quinoa
  4. Raw chocolate sauce
  5. Grated raw chocolate from Pana Chocolate
  6. Raw cacao nibs

And watch your head explode! (In a good way, of course.)

I do seem to like making recipes with chocolate, don’t I?

What can I say? I like chocolate.

So without further ado, here’s the recipe for my super-duper, mind-blowing vegan coconut chocolate ice cream.

Go make it already.

P.S. Did I mention that it’s also nut-free and kid-friendly? Bonus.

Vegan Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream
Recipe type: Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, egg-free, oil-free
Prep time: 
‘Cook’ time: 
Total time: 
Makes: 500ml
  • 400ml tin coconut milk
  • ⅓ cup (90g) agave nectar
  • ⅛ cup (15g) cacao powder
  • ½ tsp vanilla bean powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla vodka (or vanilla essence)
  • ⅛ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp guar gum
  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Chill mix in freezer for 20 minutes (or 1 hour in fridge).
  3. Churn in ice-cream maker until smooth and creamy (about 20 minutes).
Before: -
During: 10 mins (mix) + 20 mins (freeze) + 20 mins (churn)
After: –
Need: Blender, ice-cream maker (optional)
Nutrition Information

Serving size: 50ml Calories: 69


  • If you don’t have an ice-cream maker, here are 6 different ways to make ice cream without an ice-cream maker. Basically, the more you can mix it as it freezes, the creamier it will be. I’d love to know which method works best for you.
  • You can use coconut cream instead of coconut milk, if that’s what you have on hand, although you may want to dilute it with some water first.
  • I’ve found that the brand and fat content of coconut milk can make a big difference to the result. If your ice-cream is not as smooth and creamy as you’d like, try a different brand. My favourite brand at the moment is Spiral Foods‘ low fat organic coconut milk, which has around 6% fat.
  • Tinned coconut milk is not actually raw, because they have to heat it when they put it into the cans. So if you want to make this completely raw, you could try making your own homemade coconut milk using fresh coconuts or shredded, dried coconut. I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s definitely on my wishlist.
  • If you’re trying to convert reluctant family members to this ice cream, you can add an extra tablespoon or two of agave to make it sweeter, and then gradually reduce it each time you make the recipe.
  • You can use your favourite liquid sweetener in this recipe - coconut nectar, maple syrup, agave nectar or yacon syrup -  and it should turn out pretty much the same, although the flavour might change subtly. I use agave because I like the way it tastes, and I don’t believe it’s any worse than any of the other available natural sweeteners (everything in moderation, except for chocolate, of course).
  • I have played with making this recipe with medjool dates, but I’m yet to perfect that variation.
  • Vanilla bean powder is just fresh vanilla beans air-dried and ground into a powder using a spice blender or coffee grinder. You can make your own or you can buy it from your local health food shop. If you can’t get your hands on any of this,  you can just scrape out a fresh vanilla bean or two into the mix, or add another 1-2 tsp of vanilla essence.
  • Vanilla vodka is made by soaking vanilla beans in organic vodka for a few months, which extracts the vanilla essence. Vodka is not raw, but the small amount of alcohol seems to be important to keep the ice cream scoopable.
  • Guar gum is not raw, but it acts as an emulsifier, which makes the ice cream smoother. I have tried Irish Moss, which is raw, but it wasn’t quite as creamy.
  • You can easily double or triple this recipe, if you’re making it for a crowd, but make sure you don’t try to churn more than the capacity of your ice-cream maker at once.

My inspiration

Hmmmm, I wonder where I got the idea for this one? Let me see.

  1. I have this awesome recipe for vegan vanilla ice cream.
  2. I wonder how it would taste if I added chocolate? (After all, doesn’t everything taste better with added chocolate?)
  3. Add chocolate to recipe. Swoon.

Pretty simple really.

Have an awesome, chocolate-filled day!

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  1. It is very useful tips and ideas and i will really try your methods.


  2. zeria says:

    Oh my gosh I made this yesterday for me and my mum, it is absolutely delicious!! I don’t have an ice cream maker I just blended all the ingredients and then froze it, I took it out of the freezer twice to give it a stir, but not sure of this made a difference, it was perfect consistency! Also a lot cheaper than buying the dairy and sugar free ice cream in the shops. Thank you for this recipe!

    • Nikki says:

      Hi Zeira,

      You’re most welcome. I’m thrilled that it turned out so well for you.

      I’m sure stirring always helps to improve the consistency, but if you forget to do it one time, you’ll soon see if it makes enough of a difference to bother doing it again.

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