Raw zucchini sandwich for lunch

Raw zucchini sandwich

I’ve finally discovered the perfect use for overgrown zucchinis – make them into a raw zucchini sandwich.

I love growing my own zucchinis (also known as courgettes). They’re so easy to grow (when the snails don’t eat my seedlings, that is) and they’re so fast growing. They’re also great plants for kids to grow, because things happen so quickly.

I’m always reluctant to harvest my beautiful babies, so I invariably put it off until they grow too big. Well, too big compared to the ones you can buy in the shops anyway.

People say that if you grow them too big, they’ll get woody in the middle. Well, I’ve discovered that can actually be a feature if you’re trying to make a raw zucchini sandwich.

So, when you finally can bear to sever your beautiful big baby zucchinis from their amazing mother plant, and they’re totally massive, just chop them into slices of “bread” and add your favourite fillings. Too easy.

My zucchini sandwich that I had for lunch today was filled with raw vegan walnut cheese, fresh avocado, fresh cherry tomato, baby spinach leaves and black olive pate.


Talk about instant raw bread. No blending, mixing, processing, dehydrating or waiting. And it’s homegrown, because you’ll never get zucchinis this big at the greengrocers.

And of course you can chop your zucchini slices as thick or as thin as you like.

Imagine these with your favourite spreads and toppings. The mind boggles with the possibilities. I’m already itching for lunch tomorrow so I can try something new. And for my next zucchinis to grow.

I think that bigger slices would work even better as a sandwich, so I might just let the next zucchini go crazy.

Time to grow some zucchini monsters, me thinks.

Have an awesome homegrown kind of day. And a fantastic New Year!

~ Nikki, Eating Vibrantly

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  1. Fred says

    Yes, yes, yes. The more I read the better I like it. Enough of all that dehydrating and preparation trying to make raw foods look like cooked foods. Or worse- meat. Well done.

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