Raw Mango Lassi

Raw Mango Lassi (Vegan, Paleo)

This raw mango lassi is sweet, tangy and creamy – everything a perfect mango lassi needs to be.

Drinking mango lassi was always my favourite thing about eating out at Indian restaurants, so I decided it was time to make a raw version.

Raw Mango Lassi (Vegan, Paleo)

I’m currently knee-deep in mangoes, partly because it’s mango season around here (oh, blessed mango season!) and partly because I’ve been buying them by the tray-full, while I can.

Mangoes are only available where I live for about three months every year, so I’m always determined make the most of this short-lived season of bliss.

Did I mention that I love mangoes? Love, love, LOVE mangoes. Quite possibly my favourite fruit. Ever.

Almost enough to make me want to move somewhere I can get mangoes all year ’round. Like my own tropical island, maybe?

Sigh. A girl can dream. And, she can eat mangoes, which is almost as good.

I’ve been having mango pudding, mango smoothies, mango fruit salad, mango au naturel and, of course, raw mango lassi.

Raw Mango Lassi (Vegan, Paleo)

Lots of raw mango lassi.

Minus the Indian food.

Because now that I can make my own raw vegan mango lassi, I don’t need Indian food as an excuse to drink this delightfully decadent drink any time I feel like it.

Full of flavour, and fresh, whole ingredients. So tasty and sweet.

It’s like dessert in a glass.

Raw Mango Lassi (Vegan, Paleo)

Mmmmm, raw mango lassi for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Think I might be addicted.

Mangoes Anonymous, anyone?

Raw Mango Lassi
Diets: Raw, vegan, paleo, dairy-free, gluten-free
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Makes: 4 serves
  • 1 med (350g) mango, peeled, seeded and diced
  • 1 med (140g) banana, peeled
  • ½ cup (70g) cashews
  • 3 (50g) medjool dates
  • 3 tsp lemon juice
  • pinch salt
  • 1 cup (250ml) water
  • 1½ cups (250g) ice
  • Ground nutmeg or cardamom to garnish (optional)
  1. Add everything (except for the nutmeg) to the blender and blend at high speed until smooth and creamy.
  2. Pour into glasses and drink.
Before: -
During: 5 mins
After: -
Need: Blender
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 350ml Calories: 214


  • I used cashews for their neutral flavour and relatively low fat content (for a nut anyway). You could replace it with any similar nut or seed, like macadamias, or maybe brazil nuts. Anything with a stronger flavour may overpower the subtle flavours of the mango and banana. I did try hemp seeds, which have a really strong flavour, and it changed the experience completely (not in a good way, although it was still nice).
  • If you want to reduce the fat content, you can try reducing the amount of cashews. I did try reducing it, and eventually the lassi lost its creamy, satisfying flavour, so have a play with it and see if you can find a balance you like.
  • I have found chunks of date in my finished smoothie a few times (kind of a bonus), so just make sure to blend everything thoroughly.
  • The lemon juice gives the mango lassi its yoghurt-like tangy taste. If your lassi doesn’t taste right to your tastebuds, try adjusting the amount of lemon juice – try 4 tsp if you want more tang and 2 tsp for less tang.
  • Go easy with the salt. I use the tiniest pinch I can manage, because my tastebuds are very sensitive to the taste of salt, and I found that it overpowered the flavour very quickly.
  • I use pink Himalayan crystal salt in my dishes because it contains lots of trace minerals that are good for you, and apparently it tastes better too. So if you’re going to use salt at all, the pink stuff is the best!
  • The garnish is completely optional. I only had nutmeg on hand when I was experimenting, and it worked quite well, but I think cardamom would be perfect. Normally I just drink it straight.
  • If you don’t want to use ice, you could freeze your fruit beforehand. Don’t use too much frozen fruit, or it may not blend properly, and you’ll end up with chunks of nuts or dates.


Having decided that I wanted to make a raw mango lassi with my mango bounty, I went looking for recipes online, as per usual.

But instead of looking for raw mango lassi recipes, I went looking for the traditional recipes, and then used those as a basis for my creation.

You see, I’ve discovered something very cool recently. I can make up raw recipes out of thin air… and they work!

How long have I been doing this raw food thing – three years now – and I’m finally getting the hang of it.

I know what ingredients to use to make something creamy, something tangy, something sweet. All I need is an idea to spark me off, and I can whip together an amazing concoction like this.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have disasters, but they’re less drastic, less often, and I always learn something really useful. And sometimes I even make even better things as a result.

I can remember back to a time maybe 10-15 years ago when any time I experimented it was awful. I learned to follow recipes to the letter, and not be adventurous.

Now not only do I quite often stray from the recipe, I’m making up my own recipes, and they work. Awesome!

Have an awesomely delicious day!

~ Nikki, Eating Vibrantly

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What others are saying...

  1. Fred says

    Another hit Nikki! Particularly since it utilizes my favorite fruit I suppose. Who needs ice cream or candy bars when you could eat a fresh mango?

  2. joannabanana21 says

    mangoes make the CREAMIEST smoothies in the world- probably more so than bananas. my favorite kind are champagne mangoes. i only see them in the summer at whole foods and i look forward to them every year. they slice like butter and aren’t stringy at all. geez, i’m sad it’s january haha i could really go for one right now.

    love the second picture of the smoothie up close!!!

    • Nikki says

      Hi Joanna,

      Sorry to get your tastebuds going in the off season. Hope it comes around quickly for you so you can satisfy that craving. I agree that mangoes make the creamiest smoothies ever – definitely my absolute favourites. And I’m glad you like the photo – utterly drinkable, isn’t it? 😉

  3. Lien says

    I love my mangoes & have been adding them to green salads, smoothies, sorbet! And like you, have also been buying them by the tray load :) The kids love mangoes so I will definitely try this lassi! They love nuts so this will be a winning combo in our household!

    • Nikki says

      Hi Lien,

      Glad to hear you’re as mad about mangoes as I am. I’d love to hear how the lassi goes down with your kids.

  4. Abbi*tarian says

    Nikki, thank you so much for this recipe! I greatly enjoy a good mango lassi! But, even though I’m not vegan, I like to mix it up and I enjoy every one of these ingredients, so I look forward to trying this dairy-free option! It sounds great! I am curious, though, how does the salt fit it? My best guess would be that it brings the flavors out more?

    • Nikki says

      Hi Abbi,

      You’re most welcome. I used the salt partly because many mango lassi recipes include it, but also because when I left it out, it almost tasted too sweet. It was a very fine line though (if I added too much it also tasted funny). If you didn’t want to use salt, I’m sure you could leave it out and it would still be delicious, and you could always add a little more lemon juice to make it more tangy and less sweet. I hope it tastes as good for you as it does for me. ♥

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