Bananas with coconut yoghurt and chocolate coconut cream

Banana chocolate coconut cream

I’ve been playing even more with opening coconuts and making coconut concoctions – this recent lunch was simply sliced bananas with coconut yoghurt and a chocolate coconut cream.

My coconut yoghurt recipe uses fresh coconut flesh and is adapted from Choosing Raw’s homemade coconut yoghurt recipe.

I know not everyone has ready access to fresh young coconuts, and not everyone has mastered the art of opening them – me included – so you might feel like this isn’t that relevant to you.

But I’m determined to master this thing if it kills me (OK, maybe I’m not quite willing to die for the cause, but I am willing to get it wrong over and over and over until I get it right), so be prepared for lots of recipes that use fresh coconut flesh while I figure it out.

And I hope in the process I might inspire you to give it a try, and I might even have some tips to save you making all of the same mistakes that I’m currently making.

I also got inspired to adapt Gena’s coconut yoghurt recipe even further to make a chocolate coconut cream. Yum.

I basically added some raw cacao to my coconut yoghurt recipe.

And in the process I discovered an important culinary tip – chocolate and lemon are not that great as a flavour combination.

Who knew? Not me. Well now I do.

Chocolate and orange? Absolutely. Chocolate and lemon. Not so much.

Maybe in different proportions, maybe with different ingredients, or maybe in a different recipe entirely. But not this one.

But isn’t doing it yourself the best way to discover things like this?

If someone had just told me this stuff, it wouldn’t stick nearly as well as cooking something that tastes a little odd and eating it anyway. (You won’t find me wasting good chocolate. No sireeee.)

So here I am, telling you about it, hoping it will stick. Or maybe you could just make it for yourself and see what I mean. Definitely odd.

But honestly, it was still pretty nice once I added some fresh banana and coconut yoghurt to the mix.

Definitely an awesomely raw, vegan, wholefood lunch. I mean, when would you normally get to eat cream and chocolate for lunch?

Around here, anything goes, so long as it tastes good.

I think next time I’ll skip the lemon juice and add an extra date and I might just manage to create a recipe worth sharing – raw chocolate coconut mousse.


Time to and attack another coconut, methinks.

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  1. Sarojini says:

    Loving the whole cacao coconut thing :) Thanks for sharing your experiments

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